2020 Muscle Car Adventures Road Tours

​ Wisconsin back roads are perfect for driving your Muscle Car the way it was meant to be driven.  Our guided tours are designed to give you some of the best of Wisconsin's back roads. 


The number of Muscle Cars in each tour will be limited to 15 - 18.  In addition, some tours will have required fees for samples and tours as indicated in the tour description.  For planning purposes, we have printed all fees at the tour stops.  They’ve always been there but now they are indicated up front when you register.


Staging for all Muscle Car Adventure road tours will be in the road adjacent to the registration area 15 minutes before launching.  As is our policy, we will launch all tours on time.  You will receive a route map of all tours you have signed up for in your welcome packet.


Please also remember that most brewery and winery tours require closed toe shoes.   We can’t emphasize this enough. . . every year someone forgets – please don’t be the one.  Also, don’t forget to get gas before your tour!!



“SCENIC” – This will be a relaxed, leisurely drive through the countryside.  Take in the scenery and the beauty of the land and enjoy the sights of the countryside driven in a relaxed manner. 

SPIRITED” – These tours are for drivers (and their co-pilot) who are confident in themselves and their cars and who enjoy driving their Muscle Cars in a more aggressive mannor as the opportunity presents itself on a tour.  Slower, more cautious drivers should either drive from the back of these tours or limit themselves to “scenic” tours for maximum enjoyment of everyone.


Hot Laps at the Dells Raceway Park will be available from 3:00pm – 5:00pm on Friday, September 27.  All of the tours scheduled for Friday will stop at the track at the end of their tours except Tour #1 that may not be able to return in time to go to the track.  Anyone else who would like to experience hot laps may travel to the Raceway on their own; or, we will lead a group there from the registration area at 2:45pm.


Your guide will schedule a rest stop on all long drives.


Please join us for the Sunday morning brunch and awards presentation.  (Brunch is included with your registration).  Guided tours will have a maximum number of cars for each tour. 

Please call Ed Saari at 309-530-9235 with any questions or arrangements for a separate guided group tour.

Many wine and beer tastings will have a tasting charge.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

By popular request we will offer two track days at Dells Raceway Park.

The first day will be on Thursday, September 24 and the track will be available for participants in Muscle Car Adventureds from 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Friday, September 25, 2020
Dells Raceway Park.jpg

Dells Raceway  Park       8:30am - 10:30am 

All Friday tours except Tour 1 will travel to Dells Raceway Park at the start of their tours for hot laps on this amazing 1/3 mile paved ashpalt track.

If you are not on a tour, you may obtain directions from the registration area and drive to the track yourself.

No helmets, no tech requirements, just you and your Muscle Car on the track driving however you want.  It is you and the track!

Come and enjoy this unique driving experience.

These tours overlap; therefore, you may only choose one tour on Friday

Petosi brewery.jpg
Wine Barrels
Commercial Ferry Boat
Devils Lake - 2.jpg
Amish bakery.jpg
Amish Country.jpg

All Friday Tours will go to Dells Raceway Park first


Tour 1 – 8:00am – 5:00pm - Led by Rob & Sherry Davis - Spirited –Potosi Brewery and Brew Pub & Whispering Bluffs Winery

This will be a spectacular tour to the Potosi Brewing Company in Potosi, WI.  This landmark brewery which originally opened in 1852 offers a pub serving craft beers, plus exhibits on transportation and brewing.  At the brewery, there is also the Great River Road Interpretive Center, telling the historic stories of the Mississippi River. Tours of the brewery including tastings and souvenir glass are $12, incl. tax & gratuities per person.  Potosi Brewery is a not-for-profit enterprise and all profits go to charity. 


Following the tour of the Brewery, we will have lunch at their famous Brew Pub from a custom menu at a cost of $24 per person including tax & gratuities.  The buffet menu will consists of Grilled Chicken, Pulled Pork, Kettle Chips, Pasta Salad and either a pint of their famous beer or a soft drink. 


Following lunch you will walk across the street and experience the Whispering Bluffs Winery.  Wine tastings will be available for $4.00 to taste 5 different wines and receive a complimentary Whispering Bluffs wine glass and then you will travel to Dells Raceway Park for hot laps on the track

www.potosibrewery.com  www.whisperingbluffswinery.com 



Tour 2 – 8:30am - 4:00pm - Led by Shawn and Carleen Hannah - Scenic - Rookies, The Shoe Box, Merrimac Ferry & Ice Cream

This tour to Rookies and The Shoe Barn is one of the most amazing routes that we have produced.  You will not believe the hills, turns and what an absolutely beautiful scenic drive this is.  At the half-way point in the tour you will arrive at the Rookies, a fantastic sports bar and grill and delight in having one of their homemade sandwiches.  Over 6,000 baseball cards cover the walls of the men’s room, and autographed memorabilia covers nearly every other square inch of the restaurant and bar, floor to ceiling.  You won’t believe the collection until you see Rookies, including their authentic regulation Wiffle Ball field and the food is great!!


Following lunch, you will travel a short distance to The Shoe Box, one of the largest shoe stores in the US, located in Black Earth, WI.  The Shoe Box has an incredible selection of over 300,000 shoes.  Their plan was simple: to sell the best shoes at very affordable prices- shoes from companies utilizing the finest leather and materials, each pair crafted with close attention to detail and workmanship.


The trip back is a totally different way and it is just as scenic and beautiful as the way in was.  You will also cross the Wisconsin River on the Merrimac Ferry and on the other side, stop for an ice cream cone.


On the way back you will stop at Dells Raceway Park for hot laps before finishing your tour back at Chula Vista Resort.


If you like scenic tours – this is the one to go on!!

www.rookiesfood.com   www.theshoebox.com



Tour 3 – - 9:00am - 5:00pm – Led by Joe & Sue Weibler - Scenic - Wine, cheese, and lunch –Balanced Rock Winery, then around Devils Lake, Carr Valley Cheese, LaValle and lunch at J's Pub & Grill

A wonderful winery and wonderful cheese awaits you on this tour.  Balanced Rock Winery is a relatively new family owned, boutique winery located on the doorstep of Devils Lake State Park.  They specialize in producing wines from cold climate grapes.  They also have their own distillery.  Non-wine lovers might like the brandy's, rye and cordials.


Then we will travel around Devils Lake and go to Carr Valley Cheese in La Valle to sample their outstanding cheeses.


Lunch will follow at the popular J’s Pub & Grill in Reedsburg followed by a trip to Dells Raceway Park for hot laps.

www.balancedrockwinery.com    www.carvalleycheese.com    jspubgrill.com


Tour 4 - 9:30am - 5:00pm – Led by Andy and Jessie Gross - Scenic - East to Amish Country, bakery, cheese and a supper club for lunch

This is a new tour visiting some amazing Amish countryside.  You will cruise east to an Amish community in Green Lake County travelling the back roads by and though the little town of Dalton and Kingston. 


You will stop at two Amish businesses, the Pleasant View Bakery featuring freshly, homemade baked goods including cinnamon rolls, a variety of breads, cookies, pies, jams, and much, much more. 


Then you will cruise to Salemville Cheese Factory with its award-winning blue-veined cheeses crafted in the heart of Wisconsin.  They make 3 types of blue cheese: Amish Blue, Gorgonzola and a smoked blue cheese. These cheeses are renowned for their smooth, earthy flavor that perfectly accentuates burgers, salads and cheese plates.  Your lunch will be at the Schaumburg Dinner Club on the edge of Amish country.  This 1852 Mansion is situated on 8 acres with a lake and they have been in business for over 50 years.  They are opening for lunch just for our tour.




9:45am – 4:00pm - Spirited - The Broadway Diner Restaurant, Carr Valley Cheese, LaValle & Hidden Valley Mushroom Farm

This is the perfect tour for those who want to sleep in or are arriving late and still go to Dells Raceway Park!!   You will go to the Broadway Diner in Baraboo, WI a restored 1954 diner with a retro feel & additional outdoor seating whipping up familiar American comfort food.  Then you will travel west on some great roads to sample cheese at Carr Valley Cheese in La Valle. 


After Carr Valley Cheese, you wind north on some amazing roads and stop at Hidden Valley Mushroom Farm a family run farm that produces amazing mushrooms, including those sold at the Chop House at Chula Vista Resort.

www.broadwaydinereats.com    www.carrvalleycheese.com 

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Glaner Stube Restaurant.JPG
Green Lake.jpg
Shipwreck bay.jpg


8:00am - 4:00pm  - Spirited - NEW - Mystery Tour 

We will take you on a fun MYSTERY TOUR, designed especially for you by David Klein.  David and his wife Carol have assisted in the operations of Muscle Car Adventures for many years and it is their turn to design the Mystery Tour for 2020.  This tour will take you to new stops and cruising some of the best spirited roads ever! 


Be ready to cruise through beautiful Wisconsin with the thrill of your Muscle Car  in action!   Come drive with us!!  As always, you won’t find out where you are going until the day of the tour, but sign up early and enjoy the newest mystery tour.  We know you will not be disappointed!!!  Please review our definition of scenic and spirited above.


Tour 7 - 8:30am - 4:30pm - Led by Anthony & Renata Falo - Scenic - NEW - Mystery Tour 

This is the same tour as Tour #6; however, it will be driven in a more scenic manner.  This is a wonderful cruise with some great scenery.



Tour 8 - 9:00am – 4:00pm – Led by Joe & Sue Weibler - Scenic - Cave of the Mounds, J's Pub & Grill, and  Baraboo Candy

First you will travel south to Cave of the Mounds and upon entering you find the Cave is a COOL 50 Degrees!


Cave of the Mounds is a natural limestone cave located near Blue MoundsWisconsin, United States, is named for two nearby hills called the Blue Mounds. It is located in the southern slope of the east hill. The cave's beauty comes from its many varieties of mineral formations called speleothems. The Chicago Academy of Sciences considers the Cave of the Mounds to be "the significant cave of the upper Midwest" because of its beauty,  and it is promoted as the "jewel box" of major American caves.   In 1987, the United States Department of the Interior and the National Park Service designated the cave as a National Natural Landmark.   


The cost of enter Cave of Mounds will be $12.00 per person and the money will be collected at registration.


Then it is onto J’s Pub & Grill in Reedsburg for lunch.   J’s Pub & Grill is a local family-owned and operated establishment providing excellent service and delicious meal options in a relaxed, inviting, and clean environment.


After lunch, you will have a short drive to Baraboo Candy Company so you can satisfy your sweet tooth.   They feature handmade Chocolates, Fudges Brittles and Toffees, Taffy, Hard Candies and Retro Goodies. Home of the famous Original Cow Pie!


www.caveofthemounds.com    www.jspubgrill.com      www.baraboocandy.com 



Tour 9 – 9:30am - 4:30pm – Led by Chris Peters & Abby Sielaff  - Spirited – Botham Vinyards, New Glarus Brewing & Glarner Stube Restaurant

In September 2017 wine bloggers Dwight and Lynn Farrow of FoodandWineAesthetics.com had this to say about Botham Vineyards and in particular, 2016 Field 3: “In fact, his 2016 Field 3 is hands down the best wine in the state.” But it wasn’t the first time that our wines have earned this prestigious designation by an independent, third-party expert.

In its feature The United States of Wine,  Epicurious.com named Botham Vineyards’ 2012 Uplands Reserve Wisconsin’s BEST wine. Just one year later, Purewow.com in its article, The Best Wine in Every State, also named the 2012 Uplands Reserve Wisconsin’s Best. Yup. Estate-grown, authentic vine-to-bottle.


Lunch will be at the famous Glarner Stube restaurant in New Glarus.  Featuring Wood-paneled nooks since 1991 with an old-world vibe offering Swiss dishes & local craft beer on tap.  One of the top restaurants in New Glarus


New Glarus Brewery is a quaint little brewery nestled on the outskirts of New Glarus, Wisconsin. The brewery is run by an enthusiastic couple, Daniel & Deb Carey, who have successfully combined business management and brewing professionalism. Our philosophy is based on individuality, cooperation and the employment of 100% natural ingredients to produce world-class, handcrafted beers for our friends in Wisconsin. Cheers!


www.bothamvineyards.com  www.newglarusbrewing.com    www.facebook.com/glarnerstube





Tour 10 - 10:0am - 3:00pm – Led by Andy and Jessie Gross- Spirited - A tour around Green Lake - Vines & Rushes Winery, Christianos Pizza

Join this great tour as you travel west from Chula Vista Resort through the Grand River State Wildlife area to Vines and Rushes Winery outside of Rush Lake.  Following your tastings at the winery, you will travel to the Green Lake area for a great lunch at Christianos Pizza.  After lunch you will travel to Dells Raceway Park for an opportunity to drive hot laps on the racetrack.    www.vinesandrushes.com  www.christianopizza.com   




Tour 11 – 10:30am – 4:00pm –  Led by Joe Morgan  – Two Wineries & Lunch – Fawn Creek Winery, Burr Oak Winery and Shipwreck Bay Restaurant

If you like wine – this tour will have two wine stops and a great restaurant overlooking Castle Rock Lake.

Your tour will start our travelling north along the Wisconsin River to Burr Oak Winery, one of the area’s oldest wineries.  Following that stop, you will travel over to Shipwreck Bay Restaurant, a famous restaurant on the banks of Castle Rock Lake.


It is too bad it is not winter time for you to see all the ice fisherman on the lake.

After lunch you will head back towards Chula Vista Resort, stopping at Fawn Creek Winery, nestled in the woods a short distance from the Resort.

www.fawncreekwinery.com   www.burroakwinery.com   www.shipwreckbay-castlerock.com


5​:0o pm departure from the registration area for downtown Wisconsin Dell​s.  Join the other muscle cars as they parade from Chula Vista Resort with police escort to downtown Wisconsin Dells and park together for the People's Choice Award judging.  Experience all that downtown Dells has to offer.  www.wiscinsindells.com

Sunday, September 27, 2020
IMG_1487 (2).jpg


nice curves.jpg

Tour 12 - 7:30am – 9:30am - Led by Chris Peters & Abby Sielaff  - Spirited – FOR NICKEY CARS ONLY - For this tour you will head west and enjoy some neat countryside!

If you have a Nickey car – this is the tour for you.  If you don’t have a Nickey car, then come out and hear them ROAR!!  We are going west from Chula Vista Resort and this is one tour you do not want to miss if you own a Nickey Car and like to DRIVE it!!


Tour 13 – 7:45am – 9:45am - Scenic – This is the same cruise as Group 1 but driven in a scenic manner




8:00am – 10:0am - Led by  - Spirited – We are going north on this trip and it will be fun!!

This will be a fun trip to the north of Chula Vista Resort travelling some less traveled roads to make a fun trip before Brunch.

September 24 - 26, 2021

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