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 2024 Muscle Car Adventures Road Tours

​ Wisconsin back roads are perfect for driving your Muscle Car the way it was meant to be driven.  Our guided tours are designed to give you some of the best of Wisconsin's back roads. 


The number of Muscle Cars in each tour will be limited to 15 - 18.  In addition, some tours will have required fees for samples and tours as indicated in the tour description.  For planning purposes, we have printed all fees at the tour stops.  They’ve always been there but now they are indicated up front when you register.


Staging for all Muscle Car Adventure road tours will be in the road adjacent to the registration area 15 minutes before launching.  As is our policy, we will launch all tours on time.  You will receive a route map of all tours you have signed up for in your welcome packet.


Please also remember that most brewery and winery tours require closed toe shoes.   We can’t emphasize this enough. . . every year someone forgets – please don’t be the one.  Also, don’t forget to get gas before your tour!!



“SCENIC” – This will be a relaxed, leisurely drive through the countryside.  Take in the scenery and the beauty of the land and enjoy the sights of the countryside driven in a relaxed manner. 

SPIRITED” – These tours are for drivers (and their co-pilot) who are confident in themselves and their cars and who enjoy driving their Muscle Cars in a more aggressive manner as the opportunity presents itself on a tour.  Slower, more cautious drivers should either drive from the back of these tours or limit themselves to “scenic” tours for maximum enjoyment of everyone.


Hot Laps at the Dells Raceway Park will be available from 3:00pm – 5:00pm on Thursday, September 21 and from 8:30am - 10:30am on Friday, September 22.  All of the tours scheduled for Friday will stop at the track at the end of their tours except Tour #1 that may not be able to return in time to go to the track.  Anyone else who would like to experience hot laps may travel to the Raceway on their own; or, we will lead a group there from the registration area at 2:45pm.


Your guide will schedule a rest stop on all long drives.


Please join us for the Sunday morning brunch and awards presentation.  (Brunch is included with your registration).  Guided tours will have a maximum number of cars for each tour. 

Please call Ed Saari at 309-530-9235 with any questions or arrangements for a separate guided group tour.

Many wine and beer tastings will have a tasting charge.

Thursday, September 19, 2024
Amish Bakery.JPG
Dells Raceway Park.jpg

Join us on Thursday on either a scenic or spirited tour in the morning and ending at Dells Raceway Park for Hot Laps from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.


Tour 1 - Led by Rob and Sherri Davis - Spirited - 9:00am – Amish Country to the west.

Head west on some fun roads and visit Rockton Bar for lunch. Along the way, traverse Wildcat Mountain and stop at Wildthings fur and Carr Valley Cheese in Lavelle.


Head west and drive thru Wildcat Mountain on the way to Rockton Bar, a favorite of locals in that area.


Next door is Wildthings fur, a small locally owed shop where a lot of natural fur products are available.


Family owned and operated Wildthings fur products are constructed with only the finest furs and materials and will give you many years of outstanding beauty and warmth.

Then you go back thru Wildcat Mountain again; however, on an entirely different route before arriving at a favorite cheese shop, Carr Valley Cheese in LaValle.

3 hrs 46 min driving time - 165 miles


Tour 2 - Led by Eric amd Vickie Kiernan - Scenic - 9:30am - Taliesin and Wisconsin Riverside Resort for lunch

This tour will start with a 1 ½ hour wonderful spirited drive in the country to this destination. Then a 2 hour tour features the interior spaces and exterior courtyards and gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright’s private residence, Taliesin.


Begun in 1911, Taliesin became Wright’s work-in-progress during the next 48 years, as he reworked and added to it, bringing it ever closer to its architectural ideal. By passing through these magnificent spaces, filled with his original furnishings and art collections, you will experience the intimacy and genius of one of America’s greatest architects. The cost of this amazing tour is $53.00 per person.


You will eat after the tour at a near-by local restaurant, Wisconsin Riverside Resort, a full service bar and restaurant overlooking the lower Wisconsin River.

2 hrs 26 mins driving time – 127 miles

By popular request we will again offer two track days at Dells Raceway Park.

The first day will be on Thursday, September 23 and the track will be available for participants in Muscle Car Adventureds from 3:00pm - 5:00pm 

The Tavern at CVR.JPG

Join us at the Tavern at the Golf Course at Chula Vista Resort for a Meet 'n Greet from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.  There will be a cash bar available.

Bring your Muscle Cars, your stories and enjoy with your friends.

Friday, September 20, 2024
Dells Raceway Park.jpg

Dells Raceway  Park       8:30am - 10:30am 

All Friday tours will travel to Dells Raceway Park at the start of their tours for hot laps on this amazing 1/3 mile paved ashpalt track.

If you are not on a tour, you may obtain directions from the registration area and drive to the track yourself.

No helmets, no tech requirements, just you and your Muscle Car on the track driving however you want.  It is you and the track!

Come and enjoy this unique driving experience.

These tours overlap; therefore, you may only choose one tour on Friday

Petosi brewery.jpg
Wispering bluffs winery.JPG
House on the Rock.JPG
Wisconsin Riverside Resort.JPG
Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen.JPG

All Friday Tours will go to Dells Raceway Park first except Tour #3


Tour 3 – SpiritedLed by Joe Morgan - 8:00am - Fast to the Mississippi for lunch and to visit Potosí Brewery and Whispering Bluffs Winery

This will be an amazing route to the Mississippi River and a visit to Potosí Brewery and Whispering Bluffs Winery.

Originally founded in 1852 along the Great River Road and just a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River, the Potosi Brewing Company brewed more than a century’s worth of delicious craft beer before finally bowing to shifting market pressures and emptying its bright tanks for good in 1972.


Re-founded on its original site in 2008, the Potosi Brewing Company has brought craft brewing back to Main Street Potosi, Wisconsin. Today our fine people lovingly craft only the highest quality beer — in small batches and without compromise — forging a renewed tradition of excellence that’s all our own.


Whispering Bluffs Winery produces extraordinary award-winning wines that have their own unique flavor and characteristics. All of their wines are made here in Wisconsin, and they have been inspired by the birds of the upper Mississippi Valley Flyway.

Come enjoy their unique and flavorful fine wines. Harvested from vines developed to withstand temperatures as low as 35 degrees below zero, our cold hardy Upper Mississippi Valley grapes are fermented and blended to create bold, award winning wines that will please any palate.


Many of the grapes are grown in the Whispering Bluffs Vineyard located in nearby Cassville. In addition, they offer our specialty fruit wines and seasonal wines.


Located in the Village of Potosi, Wisconsin nestled along the scenic Mississippi River, Whispering Bluffs Winery is directly across the street from the Potosi Brewery and National Brewery Museum.

This tour does not stop at Dells Raceway Park

4 hrs 27 min driving time – 419 miles

Tour 4 - 8:30 am -  Led by Eric amd Vickie Kiernan - Spirited – Mystery Tour –?? driving time, ??miles

​We will take you on a fun MYSTERY TOUR.   This tour will take you to new stops and cruising some of the best spirited roads ever! 

This year’s is just a great tour to an amazing destination.

You will love the lunch and that’s all we can tell you because of course it’s a mystery!!

This will be a Mystery Tour like no other.

Be ready to cruise through beautiful Wisconsin with the thrill of your Muscle Car in action! Come drive with us!! 

As always, you

won’t find out where you are going until the day of the tour but sign up early and enjoy the newest mystery tour.  We know you will not be disappointed!!!  Please review our definition of scenic and spirited on the website.

Please see Tour 11 on Saturday for the scenic version of this tour.

Tour 5 – Scenic - Led by Cris Peters &  Sarah Lang - 9:00am - House on the Rock and Wisconsin Riverside Resort

The House on the Rock is more than just another unique tour of the original house built atop a chimney of rock.


This tour also includes the owners many buildings that contain eclectic, exotic and whimsical collections and displays. Some of the displays include the world’s largest carousel featuring 260 handcrafted animals and 20,000 lights, The Streets of Yesterday, a Japanese Garden . . . and much, much more.

If you have not been to the House on the Rock, this is a must-see destination and a

place you will talk about for weeks and not be disappointed. Take a look at the video; you will not

believe this house.

There is an admission charge per person of $28.50 Adults/$26.50 Seniors. It is well worth the admission and the ride to and from is free!!


You will also have a lunch stop at the Wisconsin River Resort, a treat by itself.

3hrs 48 min driving time – 178 miles


Tour 6 – Led by Rob and Sherri Davis - Spirited - 9:30am - Baraboo Candy, New Glarus Brewery and Narrows Creek Winery

You asked to go to New Glarus Brewery and we are finally taking you there. One of the most popular beers in the state. The New Glarus Brewery is Wisconsin’s hometown brewery nestled on the outskirts of New Glarus, Wisconsin.

The brewery is run by an enthusiastic couple, Daniel & Deb Carey, who have successfully combined business management and brewing professionalism. Their philosophy is based on individuality, cooperation, and the employment of 100% natural ingredients to produce world-class, handcrafted beers for our friends in Wisconsin. Cheers!

Narrows Creek Winery has been in existence since September 2017.  Dean and Vicky Baumgarten are the winemakers.   This was a hobby now turned small business.  They are a fruit winery with many varieties to try.  The winery is nestled on the family farm. 

Baraboo Candy who has been producing hand-made chocolate goodness since 1981. Recognized world-wide as the home of The Original CowPie!®, and other cow candies including MooChews™. They also specialize in Caramel, Toffee, Fudges and Brittles as well as utilizing a variety of nuts including Pecans, Cashews, Peanuts, and Almonds.

2hrs 13 min driving time - 93.1 miles


Tour 7 - Scenic - 10:00am - Driftless River Run - A wonderful Driving Tour - with a lunch stop at Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen

The Driftless area is an amazing area of great roads just north of Devils Lake. This will be a fun, short trip over some fun roads with a stop at a wonderful restaurant.


Then Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen is located just down the road from the popular Devils Lake State Park is an open kitchen restaurant and brewery that features a wood fired oven, pizzas and upscale pub food. The brewery features beers brewed in-house including alternating seasonal options. Tours and

tastings are available in the brew house. A beautiful outdoor area is accessible for dining and drinking; and offers plenty of adult outdoor games.

Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen is a family-friendly, year-round operation.

1 hr 2 mins driving time – 66 miles

Saturday, September 20, 2024
Hillsboro Drag Away.jpg
Clysdales hitched.jpg
Clearwater Harbor.JPG
Fitzs on the Lake.JPG
Merrimac Ferry.png
Fishys Barb & Grill.JPG

Tour 8 - 7:45am - Spirited - An exciting day at the drags - Led by Joe Morgan - Join Joe Morgan

Muscle Car Adventures is pleased to repeat a great Spirited Tour to the 2024 event.  We did it in 2023 and you have asked for it again in 2024!!

They call it Hillsboro Drag-Away!!

Who doesn't love a day at the drag strip?  There has just never been one close enough, but now that has changed.  Recently an avid racing group in Hillsboro Wisconsin made arrangements to lease a local airport for use as a 1/8 mile dragstrip. 


They have professional timing equipment, and run weekly programs throughout the summer.    You will arrive at the track at about 8:45. 


Cost to race will be $35 for the entire day, and spectators are free.  Drivers should have a helmet, long pants, and closed-toe shoes for safety.  The track offers food and beverage options.  


Plan to join this tour for some great straight-line racing!  


Tour 9 - Led by Rob and Sherri Davis - Spirited - 8:00am -Country Crate Confectionery, Union Star Cheese & Willow Creek Creamery, Log Cabin Bar & Restaurant & Larson’s Clydesdales

This tour is simply going to take your breath away as you will have the opportunity to be up close with Clydesdales like you have never seen them before.

You will make three stops before the Clydesdales.


The first stop will be at Country Crate Confectionery a family owned candy store in Wautoma, WI that has been serving the community since 2016. They have a wide array of confections, homemade fudge, gift baskets, balloons, sugar free candy, gourmet chocolates, and more.


The second stop will be Union Star Cheese & Willow Creek Creamery.  For four generations Union Star Cheese & Willow Creek Creamery has taken pride in being Wisconsin’s finest. Their products are crafted from the finest ingredients and exacting qualities that you'll taste in every bite. Enjoy Wisconsin’s finest cheese and dairy products.


You will then drive to the Log Cabin Bar & Grill outside Ripon for lunch.  This out of town bar & grill has reasonably priced food and a large paved parking lot.


After lunch you will travel to Larson’s Famous Clydesdales at their home on the Larson farm for a 90- minute guided tour and show including a grandstand performance by the Clydesdales.  This is one of the only places in the United States where visitors can see Clydesdales, close-up and personal.  A truly exciting, entertaining, and fun 90-minute guided Tour with a short Grandstand Show. 

The cost of this amazing experience will be $20.00 per person, cash only please.

4 hrs 30 min driving time, 208 miles


Tour 10 – Led by Eric amd Vickie Kiernan - Scenic – 8:30am - Central Waters Brewing, A Touch of Glass & Clearwater Harbor Restaurant

At Central Waters Brewing they make delicious brews matters just as much as their distinctive taste.  They craft ales and lagers straight from earth to sky. With bubbling tanks to aging barrels and their  Brewery taproom, their beers are sustainably crafted using solar heat and water conservation  techniques.

A Touch of Glass is a locally owned glass blowing business and the owner Tammy will be there to show you her products and give you a demonstration.

You will enjoy lunch at Clearwater Harbor Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place for summertime fun. Located in Waupaca, WI, they offer a scenic and vibrant environment where people of all ages can grab a bite to eat, and take in the beauty of the Chain O’ Lakes.

4 hrs 39 min driving time – 220 miles


Tour 11 - 9:00am - Scenic – Mystery Tour – ?? driving time, ?? miles

This is the same MYSTERY TOUR as in Tour 4, but driven in a more scenic manner. 


Tour 12 - Scenic - Led by Cris Peters &  Sarah Lang - 9:30am - Devils Lake State Park, Ice Cream, Merrimac Ferry, lunch at Fitz’s On TheLake and Baraboo Candy

On the way you will first stop at Baraboo Candy travel who has been producing hand-

made chocolate goodness since 1981. Recognized world-wide as the home of The Original CowPie!®, and other cow candies including MooChews™. They also specialize in Caramel, Toffee, Fudges and Brittles as well as utilizing a variety of nuts including Pecans, Cashews,

Peanuts, and Almonds.

You will then cruise on part of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail along the south bank of the Wisconsin river.

Devils Lake is situated along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Devils Lake State Park offers magnificent views from 500-foot quartzite bluffs overlooking a 360-acre lake. You will travel down the east side of the lake area have time for some ice cream before boarding the Merrimac Ferry for the trip across the Wisconsin River.

Taking the ferry across the river, you will then go to Fitz’s On The Lake, a family restaurant in Lodi WI offering dinner specials and lunch deals. They are located on the shores of Lake Wisconsin.

Food hint – try the incredible deserts first!!

3x hrs x min driving time – xx.x miles


Tour 13 – Scenic - 10:00am - Fishys Bar & Grill, LaValle, both side of Baraboo Bluffs - an amazing scenic route

The Bluffs of Baraboo offer some amazing roads. The Baraboo Bluffs are home to some amazing views and scenery, a great way to see all they have to offer is to do a scenic loop that we feature on this tour.

For lunch you will stop at Fishy’s Bar and Grill in LaValle.

Just a fun local restaurant with outstanding food.

2 hrs 17 min driving time – 91.5 miles

Join us Saturday night as we caravan from Chula Vista Resort to Dells Raceway Park for an eventing of racing.  We will have a reserved parking for all the Muscle Cars.

You will see some exciting race in the Midwest Championship Weekend on Friday

Late Models, UMA Asphalt Mods, Sportsman, Bandit, Legends, CWRA-SLM

Sunday, September 22, 2024
IMG_1487 (2).jpg
nice curves.jpg

The Sunday morning tours are all 60 miles and approximately 1 hr – 24 minutes.

Tour 14 – 7:15am  - Scenic - Led by Joe Morgan - Going east and looping north and then south going scenic for fun - Going


Tour 15 – 7:30am – Spirited – Ladies Driving - looping south and then north - turning right

Tour 16 – 7:45am - Spirited -   Led by Rob and Sherri Davis- Going Left the same as Tour 14

Tour 17 – 8:00am - Spirited  –  For Nickey Cars only - Led by Cris Peters &  Sarah Lang - Going right, the same as Tour 15 – will they catch them???


NEW time for Brunch

10:00am – Doors open for Brunch

10:30am – Brunch begins

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